Ignite a Sustainable You V2

One Day Retreat

Ignite a Sustainable You

9am to 3.30pm 

Book Now and invest $175 for the day

Special discount applies if you want to bring a friend.

Please contact Sam or Leanne for details.

Redcliffe Yoga & Massage | Sunday, 11th March 

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Spoil yourself in the best way for you on this day retreat

You will have the chance to look inwards and listen to your physical body through the yoga and meditation and also mentally as you consider those things you would like to do to add adventure back into your life, to allow you the space and time to do the things that you used to love to do, or have always wanted to try. Take the time and space to reclaim your authenticity, adventure and vitality. 

Come along to feel the union between mind and body – the ‘yoke’ that the Sanscrit word yoga comes from. Open with a gentle, strengthening yoga class focusing on what and how you feel the information your body sends you. Feel the quiet and calm inside the studio, and learn how to find it in your own body.

With your Yoga and Meditation instructor Sam, learn how to connect your feelings to your movements – noticing sensations before they become pain, noticing irregularities before they lead to injury. Reconnect with your body and with your spirit through the relaxation of full, deep breaths, and the moving meditation that is yoga.



Would you love to spoil yourself regularly but run out of time?  

Have you tried different self-care options to spoil yourself, but come back even more tired?  

Do you miss the activities you used to do just for you, before you became so busy?  


Come together with other like-minded people where Sam will show you precisely how to connect what you feel to your movements that will bring you instant connection with your body and mind.  

Leanne will help you discover what’s holding you back and become self aware to live an inspiring life. She will help you develop strategies to put in place.

 As women, we tend to put ourselves aside, to take care of others first, to take on the emotional labour of the home and workplace, so we are always looking outwards and rarely allow ourselves the time to look inwards.  

Come and spoil yourself (in the best way for you!) by being with other beautiful, supportive women, reconnect with the physical, the mental and the heart to uncover your superpowers.  


Super Early Bird (by Jan 31) $130  

Early Bird (by Feb 18) $150  

Full Price (by day before – 10th March) $175  

Bonus: Attend Sunset Yoga at 5pm for Free  


Sam has always been interested in health and well-being (having completed a B.AppSci-Exercise Management) and has been teaching or training people in some form for over 20 years. She loves the way the breathing and meditation can build resilience to the more stressful aspects of daily life and a hectic lifestyle.

Leanne helps women discover their super powers, the things that make them unique and turn their groundhog days into an exciting daily adventure - that everyone around them will be jealous of.